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Offering individualized behavioral health services in Texas and New Mexico.
Teenager with depression having a conversation with a therapist

Who We Are

Homage Behavioral Health Clinic is a behavioral health care service provider that utilizes a personalized approach using evidence-based models in diagnostics and treatment. We adopt a supportive approach and thus treat our clients as partners in addressing their issues. With this, they can feel more in control of their symptoms, be more aware of their progress, and feel motivated to strengthen their commitment toward self-improvement and treatment. We understand that holistic care is essential in promoting overall wellness. And thus, should the need arise, we are ready to work with family members and other healthcare professionals to help strengthen their support system.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals with a place where they can feel safe and supported in understanding and managing their issues. We aim to do this by creating a personalized treatment plan for each of our clients, which covers their unique situations and experiences. Every case is unique, and with this approach, we are looking to work with them in their journey toward a healthier life.

Our Vision

We strive to be known as one of the most trusted behavioral health care providers in Texas. We believe that accessing behavioral services should be convenient for anyone that needs it. And thus, with our reputation for collaborative, quality services, we want to help people cut the searching process and go straight to the provider they know they can trust—Homage Behavioral Health Clinic.

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